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After spending a lot of time to find your perfect wedding dress, the matching jewellery and possibly the ideal veil, now all that is missing are the matching wedding shoes?

Every bride knows that shoes are one of the most important things! They will guide you through the whole day and should not let you down. But before you rush haphazardly into the boutiques armed with a credit card, we, as your wedding planners on Mallorca, have a few valuable tips for you.

1. your budget

The wedding industry is booming. Not only event & wedding planners, food & beverage companies and event designers have specialized in the wedding market. Above all designers profit from this growth in the industry. Whatever your heart desires, the market is full of beautiful wedding shoes. From the designer shoe with handmade ornaments, a timeless shoe with stylish elegance or the bridal shoe in a stylish design, to cheaper alternatives, there is everything your heart desires! Therefore you should think about where your budget for the shoes is. So you are aware of which boutiques are suitable and which are not, to save time and stress.

2. orientate yourself on your wedding dress & the style of the wedding

As you hunt for the perfect wedding shoes, be sure to take a picture of your wedding dress with you so that the sales assistant can advise you better. As wedding planners, we recommend that brides and grooms always think about the wedding style beforehand. For an elegant / modern Fine Art – Wedding you should also set on elegant accents. For a rustic/boho wedding in Mallorca, the shoes can also be simple and comfortable. Also make sure that the shoes match your personal style, because in the end they have to be perfect for you and you might want to be able to wear them again after the wedding!

3. comfort and quality

After years of experience as wedding planners, we strongly advise you to pay attention to the comfort of the wedding shoes! As a bride, you can be dazzled by the look. Which can be a big mistake, which one regrets quickly. At the latest when the first blisters spoil your good mood while dancing, you wish for nothing more than a comfortable shoe. So please remember that nothing should pinch and that the shoes should be well broken in before the wedding.

4. which heel?

If you are a 10cm high heels – type in everyday life and can walk well on high heels, then everything speaks for wearing a great heel. If on the other hand you never or only rarely wear heels, then it is better not to wear high heels. Include your future husband in any case, he should also feel comfortable. What many brides also forget is that the heel height must be adjusted to the length of the dress. So go with your shoe to the last fitting, so that everything fits perfectly.

And last but not least, think about the quality of the floor at your party. At a finca wedding in Mallorca, it can make sense to switch to a flat dancing shoe later in the evening and have a comfortable change shoe up your sleeve.

Since we know how difficult it can be to find the shoe of your dreams, we would like to share our absolute favourite shops with you.

1. bella belle – offers “enchanting handmade shoes with exquisite details”.

2. MYTHERESA – for the designer lovers among us

3. wedding boutiques in your city – get information on site in your city and get advice from experts!

We hope we could help you a little with our tips.

Your wedding planner on Mallorca & Ibiza

Dana & Team