Bine & Markus

Emotional finca wedding in the heart of the island

Our wedding couple Bine and Markus celebrated their wedding in the heart of the island on a fantastic day in August. The wedding was full of love, emotions and passion.

As a wedding place for the free ceremony we chose a small romantic finca with a charming garden. Here it was possible to celebrate an intimate wedding with their closest family and friends.

The Protestant wedding took place in the open air in the romantic finca garden. It was very personal and was held by the uncle of the groom and accompanied by music.

The location was lovely decorated with rustic-romantic elements.

Dining was set under a beautiful sky of lights. There was a summer BBQ with mediterranean delicacies prepared in front of the guests. Unforgettable were also the very emotional speeches by the loved ones to Bine & Markus, which touched everyone very much.

We are incredibly grateful for your trust in our team and we are very happy that we‘re able to be there on your special day.

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Photos by: Ilona Antina