We like to get to know you!

Please feel free to communicate to us about all your ideas and dream plan. However please also be open to express any concerns or queries you may have at any time. We are happy to show you the enormous variety of possibilities the islands offer. Once we get to know each other better, it will be a pleasure for us to help you achieve your perfect wedding with the help of a highly motivated team.

Here is a brief insight into our range of services:

General planning - our all round carefree package

Scheduling is one of the first tasks we have to tackle together. The best season for a wedding on the islands is either the pre high season from March to June or the post high season from September to October. Weddings in the high season July/August are not our first recommendation due to heat and tourist crowds, but we can easily accommodate this if you wish.

Couples looking for full service support are best advised to choose our all round carefree package. Together we will set a budget according to your wishes and priorities. These include for example:

• Design of an event concept / wedding theme
• Research, selection & booking (location, catering photo & video, florist, stylist, confectioner, speaker, musicians & DJ)
• Budget plan
• General Schedule incl.updates
• Procedure for all service partners incl. briefing of all service providers
• Proposals for service partners incl. offer check and booking
• Test dinner
• Suggestions for available wedding locations, usually around 3 to 5 options.
• Creation of an individual decoration concept
• Event presentation including cutler, table layout and flowers etc.
• Digital moodboard presentation
• Continual communication with all service providers
• Co-ordination of familiies and guests including management of gifts.
• regular vote, incl. 3 meetings (agency with bridal couple) ???
• Shuttle service planing including a selection of exceptional vehicles for the bride, groom and guests
• Guest management and support
• Brunch on the day after the wedding
• Thank you note to guests.

Our team naturally will take care of any unexpected extras. We pride ourselves on realising even the most unusual ideas you may have!

The power of words - the right speech!

Free Weddings have become increasingly popular and the islands are simply perfect for them. The planning of a free wedding starts with the selection of a suitable speaker. The chemistry between bridal the couple and speaker has to match, after al the couple must feel totally at ease during the entire ceremony.

In order for us both to make the best choice…

1. We will present you a selection of speakers who work in extensively in England and on the islands. This will give you a chance to meet them in advance in England.

2. You may choose to contact your speaker via Skype or during a short break to the islands.

We ensure that all of our speakers are well spoken, empathetic and at the same time, entertaining. The right chemistry between you and your speaker will guarantee an unforgettable ceremony.

However, rest assured if something goes wrong we always have a plan B ready for action as we are an agency based in Mallorca and Ibiza. So if a replacement needs to be found at short notice due to whatever reason we have got you covered !

We would like to introduce you to some of our speakers


Owner – Agentur Traumhochzeit – Mallorca & Ibiza

For more than 15 years, I have been accompanying couples like you on their most important day in life.

Each speech will be tailored-made. I will carefully take my time for preparation. That’s why I realy like to get to know better. What makes you a couple? I like to hear your very own story to be able to compose a speech that sounds just like a song. Therefore it is important to have an emotional connection to you. We will discuss the overall procedure, possible rituals, the text and of course your individual pledge of loyalty.

Knowing you will guide my writing and will help to take care of your wishes and expectations. With the right humor and cordiality we will make your wedding something awesome. It’s my approach to touch the bridal couple as much as the audience and to create some unforgettable moments.

Beside that, I am also able to accommodate some passages of the ceremony with my singing – a sung melody goes straight to the heart – as we all know! Together we will choose the right song which will perfectly suit the ceremony.

We are also able to recommend a few handpicked native speakers. You can meet the speaker of your choice either on the island or in the UK.

We are looking forward to see you.



Just call me:

Mobile: +49 172 2892382
Office:   +34 651 662606

email: info@hochzeit-auf-mallorca.de

Die Fotomänner


Owner – Agentur Traumhochzeit – Germany

“The greatest joy in life is to be loved and to give love in return.”

To work as a speaker for weddings is my way of giving love in return. It makes me feel alive to share this special moment with you. To hear your story and to create an unforgettable moment for you and your guests.

It´s over 10 years now that I am working in the wedding business. It´s my greatest pleasure to meet different people, to hear all these different stories and to reflect this together with your guests during your individual ceremony. If you decide to get married on this wonderful island I would love to be at your side.

With love, Daniela

Contact email: d.jost@hochzeit-auf-mallorca.de

Thinking about dropping the big question on the islands ?

To get married on the beach is definitely a dream…

…but the big question cannot be overlooked. That moment when your heart is beating is one never to be forgotten.

We excel at not only planning wedding events but also helping you propose on the beach in perfect style. Please feel free to ask us more about this special option.

Actually, all that is left to do is you giving your marriage promise…

Elena Peters

A must have - the wedding video!

An experience like this will need to be captured perfectly to be enjoyed for years to come. You can re-live the magic, the goosebumps, laughter and tears of your special day for ever. Recall that sparkle in the eyes of your loved ones and remember the love and joy that everyone shared that day. Let one of our professional, handpicked video artists accompany you on and we promise that you will not regret your decision!

Depending on how much you want to be involved, we would recommend that a simple script is prepared. The event will be filmed on all locations and stages. After the event, we will manage the editing process to make sure you receive a first class result. On request we can also arrange professional sound. You may also want to include interviews, quotes and music as well as credits, text charts and still photography. We can happily help you plan the entire process.

Indispensable - the right wedding photographer!

Jessi & Markus

Image that perfect photo on beside your bed or on your desk capturing the love and magic of your wedding.

This picture will accompany you through the next decades of your life and the right photography is crucial.

Photography is not only about technical wizardry but also great social skills, timing and insight.

Our portfolio features a refined, hand-picked group of photographers who live up to our high standards.

Please check this website for examples of their work from the past 10 years of collaboration.

Together we will find your perfect photographer.

Decoration and styling - samples

Unforgettable… that’s how your wedding should turn out!

To make this happen we will brainstorm together, exchange our ideas and develop a unique, on spot concept. Save-the-date cards, bridal bouquet etc. – everything will be taken into account.

As trend scouts we constantly exchange information about the latest trends: “Vintage style, boho, candybar, cake pops, fotobooth or groomstable…” – we will create a moodboard, tailored to your wishes and in the next step – we simply make it happen.


Here are a few examples of our work:

Selia Photography, Gema Romero