Anna & Jens

Mallorca Wedding despite Corona


Slowly the warm summer days go by, all more we remember the beautiful wedding of Anna & Jens, which brings us back the sunny days.

Anna & Jens, like many couples, really wanted to celebrate their love in the open air and a Mallorca wedding was their biggest wish from the beginning.

Since the two are super creative, they wanted a wedding where they can also design themselves. They loved the boho wedding style from the beginning and so we started in the project wedding. The search for the perfect finca was quickly clear for us…our finca El Sueno was absolutely perfect. With 7 very individual rooms in the main house and 4 ingenious tipis, this finca offers the perfect setting for real adventurers and nature lovers. Everything is decorated with so much love and reminds of the famous design of the Joshua Tree House.

Since Jens is also a carpenter and Anna a graphic artist & designer, the concept was also quickly. The arch was even built by Jens 2 days before the wedding and with much love we planned the details around it. All service providers were quickly fixed and a great wedding was waiting to be celebrated.

But then Corona came at us like a steamroller. Press headlines, risk area and finally the travel warning, have almost paralyzed the anticipation at times.

But we wouldn’t have become planners if we didn’t always think in terms of solutions. And fortunately, our couple was also absolutely positive. Once again we were reminded of the parable of the frog that fell into a glass of milk and struggled until the milk turned to cream and he could hop out of the glass. Maybe the example is lame but our belief in the positive has always guided us and was confirmed.

After many discussions with the two and the guests, the two decided to celebrate 4 days before the wedding, despite a reduced number of guests and were absolutely rewarded. It was a wedding that could hardly have been more intimate, personal, fun and exciting.

All of our wedding service providers & the guests were so motivated and happy to make this wedding a day to remember. We still think back to the party so fondly. In the end, not only the bride & groom ended up in the pool, but even the parents & guests.

Overall, the two celebrated their summer wedding day with soft natural colors, lots of music, and a brilliant BBQ. Both the ceremony, dinner & outdoor party felt just perfect for an August wedding in Mallorca.

Once again these two great people proved to us that everything always turns out well if you are only positive. Love always finds its way even or especially in uncertain times.

We thank you very much Anna & Jens for the great time we were allowed to accompany you. We are incredibly proud and happy that we could rock this day with you and the beautiful pictures of Monja Wormser are certainly a great inspiration to continue to hold on to the culture of marriage even or even more so in crazy times.

Your Mallorca wedding planner Dana & Karim

Photos by: Monja Wormser