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Romantic wedding in one of the most beautiful fincas of Mallorca


Our heart beats especially for the great wedding on Mallorca of this loving couple.

After an exciting planning period with all the ups and downs, it was finally time at the end of May and we were allowed to celebrate again.
A dream came true: a wedding with vacation feeling, lots of time for all guests and a relaxed atmosphere, that was the big wish of our bridal couple.
So we got to work and quickly the perfect location was determined.

The theme was naturalness. Not to be confused with the boho hype, because this continues to decline. Instead of feathers and dream catchers, there was a natural, yet elegant setting. There are no wooden discs on the table but a lot of clear glass, fine linen napkins, fine ceramic plates and at least one trendy color rounds off the look. In this case, we’re going for yellow, the color of hope and joy.
Tradition meets modern couples – and so more and more couples are opting for sustainability even when it comes to flowers, materials and food choices.

The Get Together

After all the trepidation, Peter didn’t make it easy for us either and so 3 days before the wedding we received a disastrous weather forecast. So in short hand we rescheduled, not an easy decision for bride and groom and planner.
The day of the planned wedding was moved up and so was the come together. A small feat of strength, but in the end it paid off, because we were rewarded with wonderful wedding weather.

The adventure began the day before with a relaxed get together on a catamaran.

The wedding day started very relaxed for everyone. At the getting ready, bride and groom slipped into their wedding outfits and already had a lot of fun.
We also especially love the bridal hairstyle, a casual side partition that perfectly rounds out the modern look.

Look forward to a beautiful, authentic wedding reportage with all the small and big moments of happiness that make up a wedding.


Photos: weddingnovelle
DJ & Entertaiment: Karim
Wedding speach: Dana
Concept and planning: Mallorca Lovestory & Agentur Traumhochzeit

Photos by: Sophia Noelle